Keep Your Distance

When playing squash remember to keep your distance. If you’re wondering what I mean by that – in the amateur game, you often see players overrun the ball. This happens a lot in the back corners. The player puts so much effort into getting to the ball that they end up practically on top of it, leaving little more room than a hopeful flick of the wrist to get the ball back to the front wall.

Keep Your Distance by Preparing Early

Concentrate on preparing your racket early and making sure that you have kept enough distance between you and the ball to be able to effectively swing through the shot.

squash rules player hitting a backhand (Photo Credit: flickr.Marcus)

More Efficient

Doing so doesn’t just give you the opportunity of a much cleaner, more effective swing but it also means that you are better positioned for recovering back to the ‘T’. So it’s much more efficient too.