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Squash Coaching

Squash coaching is great for all levels of play. For beginners coaches can help you with the rules and basic strategies of the game along with guiding you through the correct way to hold the racket and stroke through the ball.

For more advanced players, squash coaching can help you determine your weaker areas so that you can work on improving them and it can get you thinking more strategically about your game.

If I had to rate myself as a player I would put myself as a slightly above average club level player. I play for fun and to keep myself relatively fit. That said, I would still like to improve my game and see if I can get it to a slightly higher level and therefore I signed up for a set of squash coaching lessons with the squash pro at my local club.

squash coaching

(Photo Credit: Mr Ian)

Prior to my first lesson my coach had seen me play (and lose!) a home game for our clubs team. His analysis of my game from watching this was that I am an aggressive player in terms of I like to take the ball early and I like to hit the ball hard. He informed me that this style is fine but (there is always a “but”) a) I wasn’t fit enough (cheeky but true) to take the ball early and hit it so hard and b) when I did hit it hard I was often over hitting the length or playing the ball mid court due to poor accuracy.

For further information please visit the squash lessons diary page which I have put together to remind me what I was told and to share with other readers of this site with the possibility of something being relevant enough to improve someone else’s game.

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