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Squash Rackets

Squash rackets have changed substantially in the last twenty to thirty years. They used to be made from wood, have a small head and be strung with animal-gut. There was little difference between one racket and another.

mad about squash - squash racket

(Photo Credit: A3sthetix)

Today’s rackets are made out of graphite or carbon fiber, they have synthetic strings, come in various weights and tend to have a large head that kind of loosely resembles a snowshoe.

To the beginner there can be simply too much choice – what is key is making sure that the racket feels right. Does it feel too light or two heavy? Do some practice swings until you find one that feels right for you.

Vibration is another important aspect of a racket – if the racket vibrates too much on impact this can seriously affect the way that you play. Hit the racket against your hand or knee and see if you feel any excessive vibration. Some rackets come equipped with vibration dampeners placed somewhere near the head of the racket.

If there is a squash professional at the club you play at then ask them for advice before purchasing a racket.