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Squash Stretches

Welcome to the squash stretches section of the website. Stretching your muscles prior to starting and after completing play is essential in order to avoid the risk of injury and stiffness.

Squash is a very physical activity which makes demands on many of your muscle groups. Warming up and stretching muscles reduces the likelihood of a getting a painful muscle tear and also enables them to work more efficiently when you are on the court.

Neck Stretch

A good stretching routine that I like to follow is to first stretch your neck. Your neck is used a lot in squash in terms of you turning it so that you can always keep your eye on the ball. Start by gently rotating your head from side to side like the body language for no. Next, move it up and down like the body language for yes, and then finally move your head in circular motions, first clockwise and then anti-clockwise.

Arm Stretch

Next I like to follow with an arm stretch. Place your elbow behind your head and then use your other arm to gently pull down on it. You should feel the back of your upper arm and shoulder being stretched. Repeat for both arms.

Back Stretch

Stretch your back by lying on your stomach and then lifting your head, arms, shoulders and legs into the air as far as is comfortably possible. Hold the position for a couple of seconds and then repeat.
More stretches to follow soon…


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