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Squash Injuries

Squash is a very demanding game both physically and mentally. The fast paced, physical aspect of the game makes players prone to injuries. It’s a game which is generally tough on the joints. Players have to move fast, get down low for many shots and make quick turns.

If you are injured it is therefore very important to give yourself enough rest time, away from the sport to be able to recover. It’s not a sport where you can take it a little easier because you have an injury. So if you are injured then do the right thing and take a recovery break.

squash injuries

(Photo Credit: b eelen)

How best to avoid squash injuries

With squash it is extremely important to stretch and adequately warm up prior to playing. This might seem like obvious advice but you would be surprised by how many players ignore a warm up routine.

Another less obvious way to avoid squash injuries is to make sure that you are well hydrated pior to going on court. You can determine if your fully hydrated well by looking at the color of your urine! It should be crystal clear.