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Squash Backhand

The squash backhand shot is generally a harder shot to play than the squash forehand shot. The reasoning behind this is that its not as natural to swing through the ball as it is on the forehand.

Squash Backhand Preparation

Like most shots though with practice it becomes much easier. Preparation is also key with the squash backhand. It’s about getting your racket head up high behind your shoulder in good time before you’re ready to swing through and hit the ball.

squash rules player hitting a backhand


(Photo Credit: flickr.Marcus)


The shoulder of your racket arm should be facing the front wall as you prepare for this shot. Your arm needs to be bent at the elbow and your racket should be up high. Preparing in this way enables you to swing through at the ball with maximum power.

Eyes On The Ball and Control

At all times keep your eyes glued to the ball as you are playing the shot. As you strike the ball try and maintain control. Accurate control of the shot placement is of utmost importance. Once you have mastered control greater speed and power will come later.

The Follow Through

After you have connect with the ball on the backhand the follow through is equally as important. The racket head should finish quite high after the follow through and your body should now be facing towards more of the front court. Again control is important as you don’t want an erratic whipping follow through that puts your opponent in any danger.

Practice Routine

When I first started playing squash to practice my backhand I would try and hit 10 shots in succession from just a few feet away from the front wall. If I managed to complete 10 in a row without and errors then I would move back another foot or so. I continued with this routine until I was able to successfully hit more than 10 shots in a row from the very back of the court.

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