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Squash Forehand

The squash forehand is possibly the most favourite shot of all squash players. It’s the shot that most beginners can play relatively well as soon as they pick up a racket. It’s a shot that feels quite natural.

Inexperienced players can use a forehand shot and usually make a good attempt at hitting the ball with it.

squash forehand

(Photo Credit: QStreet Flickr CC)

Squash Forehand Practice

To practice the squash forehand shot start just in front of the short line (the line at the front of the service boxes). Practice playing the ball down the wall back to yourself. When you get confident at doing this well from the short line try moving further to the back of the court.

Once you’re beginning to feel comfortable with your straight drives start practising the forehand cross court shot. With the cross court aim for the back of the service box that is nearest to the wall. This will be the best place to give you a good length. Good length is where there is little bounce off of the back wall which therefore makes it harder for your opponent to play a good shot back.

Video Coaching

To fully understand how to plat the forehand shot well take a look at the video below by Shahier Razik.


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