Karakal Squash Grips

Now, I’m no professional, in fact, the highest standard I ever got to was a sub a couple of times for the county league at my local club. So I’m not sure if professional players would match my thoughts, but for me, the Karakal grip is by far the best grip out there.

And yes, I know, there are different Karakal grips, but I am referring to the basic Karakal grip which I think they call the PU grip. I’ve always been one of those players that sweats a lot during play. It often runs down my arms onto my hands making the grip incredibly slippy. However, not with the Karakal grip, as long as I change them regularly, and by regularly I mean about once a month after playing two to four times a week, then I’m fine.


Karakal themselves give the following key features of the grip:

  • Non-Slip Nano PU Surface
  • Replacement Grip
  • Super Absorbent
  • Super Tacky
  • Extra Thick
  • Self Adhesive
  • Universal Length
  • Extra Long Life


Karakal grips have actually been around for over 28 years now. The PU grip is the improved version of the original grip.

Use & Design

The grip isn’t solely used by squash players either. You also get badminton, tennis, racketball, hockey and ice hockey players using the grip. It can generally be used by all ages. Many say that the grip is number one on the market.

The grip incorporates nanoparticles at the molecular level that helps increase the durability and comfort of the grip.

The grips come with a self-adhesive backing and a thin plastic covering that protects the grip prior to wrapping.


To place the grip on your racket first remove your old grip or shop supplied grip. Please note that if you have big hands or prefer a thicker grip then you may be best leaving your original grip in place. However, do make sure that it is dry.

Step 1: Remove the film from the PU surface of the grip tape.
Step 2: Remove a piece of the sticky side foil. Please note: Start at the narrower end.
Place the thin end of the grip tape at the bottom of the grip so that it fits exactly. The grip tape should not extend over or expose any of the handle.
Step 3: Start wrapping the grip tape. You will see that the grip tape is pre-shaped and makes a “bow” upwards. Now follow this bow evenly and wrap the grip tape up to the end of the grip. Depending on whether you prefer the grip band thinner or thicker, the width of the overlap may vary.
Step 4: Now cut the grip tape in a horizontal, straight line so that it optimally closes with the grip cap.
Step 5: Now attach the grip tape to the handle cap using the enclosed end adhesive strip.

You can purchase a Karakal grip from Amazon. They come in various colours to match either your racket or your favourite colour preference…