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Squash Boast

The squash boast is basically any shot that hits either the side wall or the back wall prior to hitting the front wall. There are defensive boast shots and attacking boast shots. [gard]

The Back Wall Squash Boast

The back wall boast is a defensive shot. It’s usually played when your opponent has played a shot with ‘great length’ i.e. a shot with little bounce off of the back wall. The back wall boast is then played in an effort to simply keep the ball in play. To play it effectively you should hit it high up on the back wall with just enough power for it to just reach the front wall.

The Side Wall Squash Boast

The side wall squash boast can be either attacking or defensive. The side wall boast is played more often than the back wall boast. An attacking side wall boast is usually played when your opponent is behind you. Whereas a defensive one is usually played when your opponent is in front of you. The defensive side wall boast tends to be played a little too much by beginners to mid-level club players. The reason why the shot is over used is that many beginners and even intermediate players often struggle to get the racket under the ball to pull a straight shot when the ball is tight in the corner.